Adopting a Pet....


If you would like to adopt one of the animals at the Arizona Humane Society, make sure that you are ready to take in the responsibilities that come with this great gift.

Firstly, start asking yourself the right questions. Why do you really need a pet? To cuddle at night? To give you company? To go on your runs? Does your family agree with you having a pet? Are any of them allergic to animals? If you have a young child, will you be supervising your children interacting with the pet? When you seek the answers, you will find the most compatible pet to suit your lifestyle.

Do you have enough time? Depending on what type of animal you get, it is vital that you know the appropriate amount of time it needs to make it feel loved and wanted. If you have a small puppy or kitten, it will need a lot of your time. If you have an older pet, less time is required.

Do you have enough space and appropriate living arrangements so that your pet will be comfortable? Who will be responsible for the animal? Who will groom, feed, water your pet as well as ensure that they have regular check ups and vaccinations? Will you be able to afford a pet? The expenses add up over the years and you have to consider your pets' food, vaccinations, etc into your budget.